Latest News
This year we are going to try
and do 2 Team Photos,  one at
a Castle and
the other one to be determined.
REQUIRED:  Wanted to
remind everyone that there
are separate fighting gloves
for point sparring and
continuous sparring.  The
point sparring gloves are
fingers enclosed, roughly 8
oz gloves.  Continuous
Fighting gloves are 10 oz,
enclosed finger fighting
gloves.  You must have
these type of gloves for
these fighting competitions
in Europe.  (ie:  ASG Gloves
may only be used for Point.  
Top Ten has both point and
continuous fighting gloves.   
AWMA and Century carry Top
Ten fighting gloves.  These
types of gloves are
mandatory for fighting.  
To all Team America members (past, present
and future).  Team America suede Jackets are
back.  These are special order, Embroidered
and Logo'd Suede jackets.   If interested,
please contact Mr. Smith at Team Hdqtrs.
443-366-6277 or email:   
I will be posting an order form online shortly
with prices, etc.   

Adult sizes are below each jacket color.  
These are adult sizes.  Sorry no kids sizes yet.
Any one interested in Trip Cancellation
Insurance please go to:
To All Team America members and future members.   Due to many
requests we will be introducing a New Team America Warm Up suit for
2015.  In 2016 in Germany anyone traveling to the WOMAA World Martial
Games will be required to wear the New warm up.

To All Fighting Competitors.  For 2016 we are finally introducing the Team
America Fighting Uniform.  We have been talking about this for some time,
and have finally made arrangements for all sparring competitors to be able
to get one.  This will be required for all Fighting competitors of Team
America.   You will be given the number to call and a code to give them to
order your Fighting Uniform.  We are exploring other options also for
forms uniforms, etc.
To All Team America members and prospective members who plan on attending the WOMAA World Martial
Games XVI, July 22,23,24,2016 in Essenbach, Germany.    

Travel to Europe has gotten more expensive due to higher airfares.  So we are advising everyone to start
budgeting early, seek sponsor, due fundraisers, etc.  .

1:  (9 day trip)  Depart U.S. on Tues. July 18th, arrive on Tues. July 19th, 2016, Tour on Wed. , Free day on
Thursday (some will be going to venue to help set up) , Fri, Sat, Sun. ( WOMAA Games).  Monday July 25th,    
Depart Germany on Monday July 25th, by bus to Salzburg, Austria.  On Tuesday, we will have a day tour of
Castles, Shopping, etc. in Austria. On Wed.  River Cruise, and dinner at the Bishops Fortress.   On Thursday,
July 28th, Free day to visit Salzburg.  We will depart Early from Salzburg back to Munich for our flight back to the
U.S. arriving back in New York that evening, the same day.   

We are advising everyone to budget their travel expenses high, approx. $2800 per person.  This should be more
than enough to cover the expenses for travel.  Of course we are always looking for ways to cut the expenses as
we have done in the past, and will continue to do this and work toward the final cost coming in well below the
suggested budget.

Team America Packets are available NOW.    Travel Cost package should be ready shortly.  
To All Team America Members:       Please remember that a Single person traveling (staying in a single
room) is always going to pay more. We always try and room a single up with someone else (same
gender of course) to save money. As soon as possible, please send me info on your room
requirements.  ie: 2 twin beds, a double bed, a family room (2 adults 1-2 kids) , Single room (if you
prefer not to room with anyone else).     By getting me this info as early as possible, it will give me the
opportunity to try and get the best possible rooming set up and maybe even save some money for
you.    Please remember to follow all deadlines on page two of the Team Packet.  

NOTE:  For airlines you are allowed 1 Free check through and 2 carry ons per person.  At present we
are leaving out of Philadelphia arriving in Manchester England, taking our coach bus to Cardiff.  Since
we take everything to run the event over on the plane with us (usually in 15 carry on bags and a
couple of boxes), we ask everyone traveling with us, whoever only has one carry on, that you take
one of ours (which gives you two).  and if you have a group (ie: 4 people and only taking 3 check
throughs) that you take one of ours to help get everything to the tournament.  It is mostly paperwork,
awards,  etc.  Everything to run the tournament.  We do this every year, and it has worked out really
well.  I thank you in advance for all your help, and look forward to meeting you at the airport before we
check in for our trip.  Since we check in as a GROUP, It is mandatory, that everyone who is traveling
as part of the group, meets with Mr. Smith and Mr Van Clief, before we check in and get our boarding
passes, etc.  We will have a short meeting and pass out the carry on bags, etc.  

Thank you for all your help and for joining Team America and representing the United States, as we
go for the Gold in Cardiff, Wales.