TEAM AMERICA (Martial Arts)
The Premiere United States International Martial Arts Competition Team
the Only U.S. Martial Arts Competition Team authorized to represent the United States
each year at the W.O.M.A.A. World Martial Games
Please contact Team America Hdqtrs for Travel Costs to Cardiff, Wales for 2015.
IMPORTANT INFO: All emails should be directed to  

Team America was formed in 1999 to be the exclusive United States Int'l
Martial Arts Competition Team that travels to the WOMAA World Martial
Games each year in a different country.  The Team is OPEN to all styles, all
systems, all belt ranks, all ages (kids and adults).   Te become a member of
Team America all you have to do is qualify, by competing in a Qualifier
Tournament and placing 1st - 4th place in any one division.   If you cannot
make it to a qualifier, then you can be scouted by one of regional directors or
area representatives, or contact Team Hdqtrs to find out how yo can become

All former members of Team America dating back to 2000, are always invited
back to join the team in any and all future games.  Once you are a member
you do not have to requalify, you are always a member.

Team America members are considered "Ambassadors of Good
Sportsmanship" and travel around the world to experience the customs, the
foods, the history and all aspects that other countries have to offer.   

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Team America, the
United States Premiere International Martial Arts Competition Team.

Bruce Smith
Pres/WOMAA Int'l
T. Rondo Van Clief
Sr.V.Pres/WOMAA Int'l
Master Dennis Brown
V.Pres/WOMAA Int'l
Dr. Alfred Garbutt III
V.Pres/WOMAA Int'l
WOMAA Int'l Sports Medicine Director
Would like to invite all
U.S. competitors to join us
at the WOMAA World
Martial Games XV
July 24,25,26, 2015
in Cardiff, Wales
ATTENTION: To receive the Team America packet you
MUST contact team hdqtrs and request the packet.  It will NOT be put
up on this website. You must contact us and request it, by email:, ,  Phone:  443-366-6277
or Fax 302-258-1933
Updated 3/13/2015
You did an incredible
job at the WOMAA
World Martial Games
XIII in England.

You represented the
Unites States with
honor, humility and

Our special thanks go
out to Carolyn and Ron
Jenkins, without
whose help the  games
would have taken alot
longer and would not
have run as smoothly.  
Also a special
congratulations to Nikki
Jenkins, for excellence in
competition. Nikki, as
most know, severly
injured her knee during
the competition and still
went out there to
compete later in the
Grands. . She is a
consummate martial
artist with an incredible
work ethic.

Next year for Team
America members we
will institute the MVP
Award, which will be
voted on by all team
members, coaches,

Team America
members this year,
were some of the best
yet. Everyone did an
incredible job and their
performances were
world class.   The
caliber of the U.S.
competitors keeps
getting better and
better, and increases
each year.  We are
proud of every Team
America member and
invite everyone back
next year, 2013 to
compete in the WOMAA
World Martial Games
in Dublin, Ireland.
Some 2012 TEAM AMERICA  
at Stonehenge in England
Country:  USA (Team America) 2012 Medal list

Name                             Gold         Silver            Bronze
Corbin Grisotto                 1              3                   0
Massimo Grisotto            1              1                   0
Rene Grisotto                    1              1                   0
Onnie Grisotto                  2               0                   1
Andrew Adams                6               0                   1
Alexandra Adams           8               0                   1                1  Grands
Amanda Zhang                2               1                   0
Andy Campbell.               4.              0.                  1
Drew Campbell.              0.              0.                  1
Rachel Stanhope.           1.             2.                   0
Katie Jordan.                   2.             2.                   1.                2  Grands  
Thomas Pender.             0.             0.                   1
Bruce Pike                       1              2                    0
Alf Garbutt                       1              2                     0
Austin Kowalski             1              1                    0
Kaella Glenn,                   3.            0                    0
Jada Zehra Smith          1             1                    0
Olivia Tighe                     0              2                    1
More Team America News

As an Official Team Coach and a Captain for Team America
Shihan Andy Campbell will be helping to conduct team
workouts, etc with other Team America Coaches in Ireland.  

Welcome to Ron and Carolyn Jenkins, from Virginia,  they
will be the new WOMAA Int'l World Martial Games
tournament coordinators.  Helping to make sure the event
runs smoothly and efficiently.  They were instrumental in
the 2012 event in England being a success.   
WOMAA Introduces:     ECMAT  (East Coast Martial Arts Tournament)
                   Equipment Rental Services
 Click Here for More Info.
Check out the 2012 Event in Telford England - thanks to Stephan McCrae and BWMA Inc.
To All 2013 Team America members
Please send in all competitor results
(ie:  name and amount of medals and what places)
Need this asap, so I can get it up on the website;
Introducing the NEW TEAM AMERICA
Required Team America Sparring Uniform
for anyone competing in any fighting division
in the WOMAA World Martial Games
Click Here
Some 2013 TEAM AMERICA  
at Kilkenney Castle , Ireland
July 24th-26th, 2015

Due to the postponement of the 2014 Games
WOMAA Int'l would like to invite all the worlds competitors to it's 2015
WOMAA World Martial Games XV.   For the 2nd time, Mr. Bruce Smith,
WOMAA Int'l (World) President and T. Rondo Van Clief, WOMAA Int'l (World)
Sr. V. Pres,  have chosen Cardiff, Wales as the site for the next WOMAA
World Martial Games to be held July 24-26, 2015 at the National Indoor
Athletic Center in Cardiff.   Mr. Mal Johns, WOMAA WALES President and his
incredible group will once again play host to the games in the beautiful city of
Cardiff.   We fully expect this to be the largest and most well attended games
we have ever had.   If interested in joining us as part of Team America - for
more information contact Mr. Bruce C. Smith, Pres/WOMAA Int'l - email:,  cell: 443-366-627
To All Team America Members and Dr. Who Fans
Dr. Who and Torchwood is filmed in Cardiff, Wales
We will be setting up as part of our tours, a special group tour to the
Dr. Who Experience and (hopefully) a Walking tour of Dr. Who Filming
sites.  (you can see Dr. Who on BBC America Channel)
You never know, you might even see one of the stars ???????
Info on this will  be put out in the packet soon.